January 13 2007

iPhone Realities Setting In

So, while I still think the iPhone will rock, it’s not quite as exciting as it was a mere few days ago. Roy over at q-taro has an excellent entry on how even with all these advances, the iPhone will STILL lag behind most Japanese phones. And, like Roy, I would love to see them release a version of this without the phone, just make it a kick-ass Apple PDA with iPod and PDA functions. Yes, that would make it 100% reliant on WiFi for internet access, but it would still be pretty kicking.

I think a lot of my excitement over the iPhone is more about what it represents, more than what it is. This is a huge step forward for American cell phones, but it still doesn’t catch us up with the foreign ones. It’s amazing how far behind we are on some technologies such as cell phones and internet speeds. I think this also gives us an interesting idea what the next iPods will be like. (I’m figuring there will be a new iPod launch in June or July…watch for it)

So while I’m still excited, it is tempered some with a couple days to think about it. It’s also still a long time until June, and things may change in the phone’s specs by then.

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