January 14 2007

A last reminder…

And again…no laughing, but I’ve worked my butt off on this.

Monday, the 15th, is the day Maggie (Elizabeth Hendrickson) returns to All My Children. It’s not too late to join the fun, and you can still get up to speed by visiting

So join the fun! Catch BAMitis! (I blame Nik for that)


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  • Nik

    Maggie. For a whole SIX seconds.

    A comment on her dialogue:
    She blinks pretty.

    Tomorrow’s gonna rock.

  • Chele

    I’ll take those soapy six seconds. Placing that where they did means this plot is the one they knew would bring people back tomorrow.

    As for working your butt off – you sure did

    and what a great job you did!

  • Nik – She had a hat….A HAT! I need more hat!

    Chele – Thanks hun:) It’s been worth every second!