January 22 2007

Amazing Race All-Stars

Well, Amazing Race finally did what everyone knew they would do eventually…an All-Stars addition. I have had mixed feelings when Survivor and Big Brother did it, but with Amazing Race I think it will be pretty much like any other Race due to the fact there are so many variable that can’t be controlled.

Amazing Race 1
Joe & Bill – They may have come in third, but they never really impressed me.
Kevin & Drew – Old frat brothers, fun, but unimpressive racers.

Amazing Race 2
Oswald & Danny – The only team, as far as I know, to go sweater shopping while racing…they’re hilarious.

Amazing Race 3
John Vito & Jill – One of my all time favorite teams!
Teri & Ian – eh…Ian yells more than I like, but oh well.

Amazing Race 5
Charla & Mirna – Mirna…I’ll be blunt, she’s not a rocket scientist. Charla though is a dwarf, but has a spirit twice her size. Their elimination, and Charla’s speech at their elimination, is the only time I have ever seen the host, Phil, tear up.

Amazing Race 7
Rob & Amber – How many flippin’ times is CBS going to force these people down my throat?!? 2 Survivors, and now 2 Amazing Races. This is the *fourth* chance they have given Rob to win something, will someone please just give him a check already and put him out of my misery?
Uchenna and Joyce – The only team to win their season to come to All-Stars. I loved them, great team, great attitude.

Amazing Race 9
Eric & Danielle – A combination of 2 teams as they started dating after their race.

Amazing Race 10
David & Mary – Yep…Team Kentucky is back.
Dustin & Kandice -The Barbie’s are back. I actually kind of agree with this one, they were fairly smart racers.

Should be a fun race to watch, not all teams I would have picked, but oh well. At this point I’m rooting for John Vito & Jill, I absolutely loved them.

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