January 24 2007

AGLOCO, earn money while you surf

AGLOCO isn’t the first to do this, but it’s been awhile since anyone has. Since I signed up through Roy, I’m going to steal his explanation as he did it so well (feel free shoot me Roy!)

AGLOCO is the new way to earn money while surfing the web. A small linkbar is installed on your browser and every time you surf the web it shows some contextual ads and so forth. The search engines pay AGLOCO and they pay you. You don’t have to click on the ads or anything. Just keep on it. They pay by the hour up to 5 hours per month. That doesn’t seem like much but if you refer other people to join and they refer other people to join, you earn a percentage of everyone in your pyramid up to 5 levels deep. Yes, it’s like a pyramid network scheme but with no catch and zero downside as far as I can tell. And apparently if you have lots of referrals you can make a fairly hefty some of money or shares in AGLOCO itself.

The reason why you should join now is because the linkbar is still in beta and will be released at the end of February. That’s when the payout starts so get a head start, sign up and start telling everyone about it now cause once it begins anyone whose interested in doing this kind of stuff will have already signed up and you’ll end up at the bottom of the pyramid.

So, in example, I signed up through Roy. When I surf my 5 hours each month, he gets a cut. If you sign up through me, I get a cut of your surfing, and Roy gets a cut, down to 5 levels deep. Now IS the time to sign up as it hasn’t even started yet.

My biggest concern is how this will mess up my screen, but as you can see from this screenshot, it doesn’t look like much. Look above the Start button for the “AGLOCO” logo.

I say why not give it a try?

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