January 25 2007

Way to shoot yourself in the foot

According to this article, 20th Century Fox is threatening to withhold some of their movies form Canadian theaters due to the pirated camcorder copies coming out of them unless more of a crackdown happens.


Doesn’t that just make you lose more money? Follow my logic:

20th Century Fox withholds a movie

Canadians turn to pirated copies online coming out of other foreign countires

Theaters go out of business due to lack of customers

20th Century Fox releases their movie to less theaters and do lousy per screen average due to more people having downloaded the film

There are times where it is better to realize your knee jerk policy reaction to a problem is just going to make the problem larger, not solve it. Sure, piracy is wrong, but if they really think this solve anything…yeah…it won’t.

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December 8 2008

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