January 26 2007

This just gets funnier by the day

So…remember how I mentioned the website I was behind,, got mentioned on Canadian TV? That brought us some traffic, but now comes the site being mentioned by the lesbians-in-media news site, In their weekly column, Best.Lesbian.Week.Ever., they mentioned the current storyline on All My Children and named Bam For Beginners as the place to go and get caught up on the storyline.


It generated so much traffic that Google Analytics couldn’t keep up and the updating was way behind the normal time. I’ll post in the near future what the numbers were because, as of right now, I’m still missing five hours of data.

So why do I bring this up again? Two reasons:

1) None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for the amazing folks who went out and found message boards to post links on. Without them, it wouldn’t be getting half the notice it’s getting.

2) It’s getting far more traffic than my company websites! I guess I should have more middle of the night, random ideas!

Just amazing what can still be accomplished still in this day-and-age with everyone and their dog having a website!

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