January 27 2007


So what sort of traffic did end up having?

Friday, 1/26 – 2,864
Saturday, 1/27 – 2,086

Our best day prior to the current plug from was Tursday, 1/25 at 1,391.

This site is getting more traffic in one day than my ecommerce site ( does in a week. No, that’s not depressing in the least!

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  • sulelew

    Thats just amazing! You put the R in Rocks :)

  • Roy

    You should begin to optimize that site to monetize it for maximum return. Some people make as much as 8000USD per day from google adsense you know. Click thrus are a function of traffic. More traffic=more clicks=more money.

  • While I would love to put advertising on the site, I have had many, many helpers spreading the word of the site on message boards under the idea it was advertising free. If I had it from day one, yeah, that would be different. I never expected the blasted site to be pulling in 1800 to 2000 visitors a day! I thought it would be nice if we hit 200….