January 31 2007

Super Bowl

You know, if you like the Super Bowl, swell, more power to you, but do we ALL have to be beat over the head with it for a week? Do I need to see it EVERY flippin’ time I turn on the TV? I DON’T CARE! Sports belongs on sports channels and during the sports segment of news. I don’t need it during the business report! I don’t need to know how much people are spending on tickets…I don’t need to see snippets of the commercials…I don’t need to hear about it during the entertainment report!

This is one of the main reasons why I like soccer, your scores from the entire season determine the champion, not just one game. This insanity seems to get worse with each passing year, and this year it seems to be leaps and bounds worse.

I can not wait for this thing to be over.

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  • Apple is rumored to have a commercial for the Super Bowl, and is perhaps going to announce something of note… at the very least, it is thought that the Beatles music release will be announced, and at most, a new widescreen touch-controlled iPod.

    Ironically, unless the 49ers are in it, I would be far more interested in the commercials during the Super Bowl than the actual game itself….

  • But, the commercials are always online after the game, so why sit through the torture of the game? Once they started doing that, I no longer had any reason to sit down and watch the spectacle that is supposedly “a game”.