If you read this blog, and care about this info, you’ve already heard. If you read this blog, and don’t care….too bad. This news made my day. All My Children Head Writer Fired! Man that feels good to read. As you all know from my previous posts, I’ve been working on projects in my spare… read more

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Remember how I said I felt was Judge Larry Seidlin playing to the camera? He was. According to this story, CBS has contacted him about doing a regular spot on The Early Show. This man shouldn’t be getting job offers, he should be brought before a board of judicial review! He made a mockery of… read more

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February 26 2007

So, so odd

As anyone who watched Star Trek – The Next Generation may remember…we all hated Wesley Crusher…A LOT. Well, Wil Wheaton, the actor who played him, has turned in to a pretty good writer and is now writing reviews of classic Star Trek:The Next Generation episodes for You’re sure he’s being snarky for his pay… read more

My dad works for me in my shipping department. While he packs boxes he listens to books on tape. Makes sense, packing boxes is mindless work. Normally I don’t pay much attention to them, but today I was pulling product and I hear what sounds like an old radio show…then a book….then back to the… read more

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I have no clue when this will end up getting posted. Stupid ass blackouts at my web host is playing havoc with all my websites.… read more


February 23 2007

lame post

this is one of those…”I had no time to post, but didn’t want to ruin my run!” posts…enjoy!… read more

In all this Anna Nicole Smith hoopla (yes, I am no longer watching the TV news, this was all over the net today), one person has stood out weirder than the rest…Judge Larry Seidlin. A former cab driver from the Bronx, this guys behavior has been rather suspect to me from the get go. It… read more


February 21 2007

Good chats

You know, there’s something to be said for good comapny and good conversation, even if it’s only online sometimes.  A “room” full of your like minded internet buddies, and pages filling faster than you can hit reload….good times! Course…not all of it made sense, but isn’t that what makes it fun?… read more

I give up.  It’s obvious there will be no Satchel Of Doom love on this season of 24.  Although, it might be it got a look at the script and ran for it’s life.  (compared to season 5, this one is sleep inducing)… read more

There’s a motto I live by when I travel: Why should I eat at any restaurant I find in my own home town? It seems pointless to me. On my first trip to Japan in August 2000, one of the guys I met up with there ate Wendy’s almost every night we were there. It… read more

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It’s well known that California never met a law it didn’t like, but now it appears New York state is following the lead. A couple of weeks ago a state senator proposed banning using electronic devices when crossing the intersections in major cities such as New York City. Apparently three pedestrians were killed by cars… read more

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General Rants

February 17 2007

Mailing Lists

A while back I wrote an entry about not being able to unsubscribe from the Major League Baseball mailing lists. I’m still getting them, but I just try to ignore them now. I do have another interesting email I get each week now…”A Foreign Affair weekly matches”. I have NO clue how I got on… read more

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