February 2 2007

And the oddness continues…

Yep…the oddness that is continues!

Spotted in this weeks Soap Opera Digest:

BAM Campaign
AMCers have also sent e-mails to the execs expressing their desire to see Bianca and Maggie together again — for good! “‘BAM’ fans continue to do battle for their couple by recruiting new ‘BAM’ fans around the world,” they write. “If only ABC/AMC would bring Liz [Hendrickson, Maggie] back full time…. just as they have with Eden [Riegel, Bianca], to feed this growing hunger for the supercouple of AMC.” Join the “phenomenon” at

I think the thing that surprises me the most is I never hear about this stuff until after it happens! Oh well, still very cool to receive yet another major mention!

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