February 3 2007

So, global warming…

You know, the other day a report came out saying that global warming is getting worse…

why is it currently -4F (-20C)? With windchill, it’s -14F (-26C). This is the coldest it’s been in years! I have pipes freezing on the top floor of my house!

Sure, I know in general temps are going up, but this was not the weekend to get the point about global warming across to me!

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  • Unfortunately, that’s what the right-wingers and their paid-off-by-the-oil-industry “climatologists” will use to try to dispel the idea of global warming. The thing is, “Global Warming,” while (as you noted) is accurate, is confusing to some; “Global Climate Change” will be more fitting for an overall name. Warmer general temperatures lead to new weather patterns; these patterns will actually make it colder in some places. Some places will get more rain, some will get less; some will have more wind, some less; and so on. Just like warming near the end of the last ice age release a flood of fresh water from North America into the Atlantic, shutting down the saltwater currents which brought warmer waters north and so caused more cold weather to extend the ice age in Europe.

    Complex systems, complex effects.

    (Forgive me if I’m telling grampa how to suck eggs….)

  • It was sarcasm Luis, I promise:) Funny thing was, as I posted this entry I went “Hmmm…I bet Luis leaves a comment…” :-p It was just meant to be sarcasm about the timing.

  • Dang! Hoisted by my own deafness to sarcasm! In a petard-like fashion! Yikes!

    Yeah, while I was writing it, I kinda figured that, ergo the “grampa sucking eggs” addenda. The thing is, I’m so sick of the “cold weather disproves global warming” meme that, as you correctly predicted, I was unable to stop myself in a commenting frenzy.

    Yep. Easy to bait, that’s me!

  • Look Luis…it’s a shiny nickel…come on Luis…get the nickel…get the nickel!

    We won’t just say perhaps I write lousy sarcasm:-p

  • Say, that’s not wooden, is it? No? Yaayy!

    Just promise me I can kick the football next year, okay, Lucy?

  • Sure Charlie Brown…sure….