February 4 2007

Odd Advertising

I’m watching Manchester United vs. Tottenham Hotspurs and I noticed something that struck me as just randomly odd. Due to the lack of commercials in a half, whomever shows the game has to get creative, in this case, Fox Soccer Channel.

There are no time outs in soccer, no natural breaks in a half, the channels will put tiny adverts up in the corner of the screen, next to the score. Lots of times they are your standard soccer related ads, but today there was a US Air Force ad. Could someone please explain to me how this is effective advertising?

“Man! This game sucks! I can’t believe this! What’s the score? I…hey…what’s that? Why…I think I’m going to go join the Air Force! They clearly love soccer like I do!”

I understand this happens in a lot of sports, but really, does the military think that the little static ad in the corner is going to make someone enlist?

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