February 7 2007

Skype 3.0

Skype released the newest version of their software, and there’s a couple of nifty new features. Some of them I haven’t gotten to play with yet like Call Forwarding and Live Chats, but one I’m loving is the new extension for Firefox.

It installs in to Firefox, and it turns ANY phone number on a web page in to a clickable link that will dial that number automatically in Skype for you. You will have to have Skype Out credits to place the calls, but at $29.95 for unlimited calls in a year, or $.02 a minute, it’s well worth it.

Skype Extension for Firefox

And, it seems to be able to tell the difference between phone and fax numbers (this from one of my company sites):

Skype Extension for Firefox

It’s just a little thing, but darn handy when out of town on business!

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