February 8 2007

Oh dear

You know, I wasn’t surprised when I heard the Snickers Superbowl ad about two men accidentally kissing was called homophobic. I didn’t think it was, I thought it mocked homophobia, but oh well. Then I heard people whining about Prince’s half-time show, again, overblown.

Then came the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention complaining about GM‘s ad called “Robot” about a suicidal robot that is despondent about being let go from GM for poor quality when it dropped a screw. (Story here, video here.)

“It was inappropriate to use depression and suicide as a way to sell cars,” said Robert Gebbia, the foundation’s executive director.

and GM’s reply:

“It’s a dream sequence. It’s not a person, and it’s a robot that is a fantasy. I mean, that robot doesn’t move around. C’mon,” LaNeve said.

You know what, I agree with GM. The AFSP admitted in the article they have received 250 complaints about the ad. There are 300 Million people in this country. So 250 people were offended….that is .000000833% of the population of the country has complained. Wow…I would so pull the ad for that! I feel for people that have lost someone to suicide, but come on folks it’s a robot…having a dream…IT’S NOT EVEN A PERSON!

Is it just me, or does it seem like this is becoming an annual event now? First you have the pre-exciment about the ads, then you get the actual ads airing, and then you have the pissed off people getting publicity for their causes complaining abut the ads. You get all this media coverage running on multi-million dollar ads, and the media gobbles it up. “Oh look! CONTROVERSY!” Yeah, pre-packaged, manufactured controversy.

250 people complain and it gets on every news network, all the press wires, people (including myself) are blogging about it, all because of some silly, contrived “controversy”. How about next year all the big ads are just plain white screens, which black fonts stating the name of the company? Oh wait…the actor’s guild will complain…

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