February 9 2007

Ok…I’ve had it

To anyone who liked Anna Nicole Smith, this rant is not about HER as a person.

Yes, Anna Nicole had a tragic life, I won’t argue that, what I will argue is the media should be ashamed of itself. In no way did she deserve the amount of coverage she received since her death yesterday. This morning, as I sat down with my morning bowl of oatmeal, CNN Headline News couldn’t shut up about her. Just on and on and on…ok, fine, talk about it for 2 seconds and then move on to something important like the war or Darfur.

I get to work, jump on the net…top story on every news site.

Watching All My Children from Los Angeles, they break in with “Breaking News” to cover the press conference for her autopsy.

This story does NOT call for this sort of coverage. But our media has become so obsessed with “news lite”, the easy story, it seemed like a no brainer to them I guess. I mean really, let’s not talk about real news when we can show the exact same footage of Anna again…and again…and again.  Let’s trot out the Entertainment Tonight reporter who last interviewed her, he’s important!

She led a tragic life…let her rest in peace.

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