February 10 2007

5 questions x 2

brinshannara asked me the following five questions. If you’d like me to come up with five questions for you, post a comment.

1) What is UP with the Sonic picture that follows you to like, every community you’re in? ;)

(for those who don’t know it, it’s this )
Ikebukuro, Tokyo Japan, August 2001 – I’m wandering around Sunshine Street and there’s a big Sega arcade there kitty corner with Tokyu Hands at the end of the street. Sonic is out there trying to bring in the customers, I shoot a picture to show my friends back home. Just as I snap the picture, he puts his hands up. I just think the pose is hilarious because he looks like he’s snickering. Here’s the unedited version

2) Why and how did you get so involved in the BAM storyline?
I had seen a news story on the site and started researching it for fun. I actually monitored the board for awhile, but never joined. When I saw they were leaving, I figured it was now or never to join!

3) Do you write apart from BAM fic? If so, what sort of writing?

Just when I was a professional magazine writer. BAM is my first fic work.

4) Ever wish you had a more traditional job? If so, what kind?

Full time writer would be nice, I miss it.

5) What’s your favourite BAM scene?

hmmm tough call! “In to guys” has always impressed me for it’s lighting and acting, but for “I never“…Maggie finally admitting her love? *swoon*!

deepthinker16 also asked me 5 questions.

1. Why does Japan fascinate you so much?

When I was in 2nd grade, a teacher at my school in Phoenix had been to Japan and was showing classes slide shows. She showed 2 slides and made one statement that FASCINATED me.

a. The statement was about sentence structure. Where we would say “A woman in a beautiful red dress walked in”, they would say “In a beautiful red dress, a woman walked in.” That mesmerized me.

b. She showed a slide of two houses so close together, a human couldn’t fit between them going sideways.

c. She showed a slide of 2 geishas.

I knew that day I *had* to go to Japan. I was 7, and I did nothing but read and dream about it for 22 years. I went for the first time shortly after my 29th birthday and I have been back twice since.

2. What’s your best tip for saving money?

*phew* Not eating out unless you have no choice is always #1 in my book.

3. What is your dream profession? Be specific.

Writer. Has been since I was 4. After high school I never thought it would happen due to my abysmal grades in English, but 4 years after high school I was handed a monthly column in a magazine and I spent 5 years writing anywhere up to 3 paying articles a month. I still want to write a book someday.

4. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers… a shameless ripoff of Voltron?

No. Any time you have a series from Japan featuring “teams” it is called a “Sentai” series. Sentai meaning “task force”. The first of the Ranger shows was “Himitsu Sentai Goranger“, produced from 1975 – 1977, which predates Voltron. Was MMPR (Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger in Japan) a ripoff of Volton? Possibly. It was the 16th series of Ranger shows, by then I am sure they needed ideas :-p (and no, I did not know ALL of this off the top of my head….I couldn’t remember Zyuranger’s full name…)

5. Would you consider living abroad for one year? Why/Why not?

In a heartbeat I’d do it. Other cultures fascinate me and I would love to immerse myself in one!

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