February 13 2007

*gets a shotgun*




I am going to shotgun my lovely new HD TV if I have to hear any more about Anna Nicole Smith or her baby! Basically you now have a multi-million dollar football being tossed around without anyone really caring about the human lives involved. No one has tried to claim Ms. Smiths remians even. But no, you have websites like running pictures of the contents of her fridge!

And the whole subject of the paternity of the child…dead men, husbands of washed up Hollywood stars, lawyers…I’m figuring an alien is going to land any day now and claim that is the result of a late night abduction of Smith.

The media should be ashamed of itself…these men should be ashamed of themselves…and I should be ashamed of myself for blogging about it, but damn it, I want to watch some actual news!

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