February 14 2007

Ok, I know this is getting old

Usually after I watch All My Children on the east coast ABC channel I get, I flip over to the Los Anegeles ABC to watch the mid-day news report.  With my hatred for the big news stations for the past few days over the Anna Nicole Smith stuff, I figured a local news broadcast might be safer…

Anna Nicole Smith’s remains being fought over was the lead story.


Not the President’s news conference.  Not the war in Iraq.  Not the Iranian weapons found in Iraq…Anna Nicole Smith’s remains.

With the 20 months to the presidential election already ramping up in to a free-for-all, the never ending drek being spoon-fed to the masses as “news”, I am giving serious thought to Tivoing the BBC news each day and watching it when I get home and just giving up on my country as a whole for news.  We are too slap happy with celebrities, feel good stories, and things we THINK are important.

I have had it.  I’m done.  Last one out, turn out the lights.

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