February 15 2007

Letter I just sent to CNN

As of the morning of February 16th, 2007, I have officially given up on watching “Headline News”, mainly because it is anything BUT headlines.

At 10:00 AM EST, you started showing the Anna Nicole Smith hearings regarding her remains live from the hearing room….for 10 minutes. You may have gone on longer, but I wouldn’t know as I turned the channel and never came back. Your name is not Court TV, you are not normal CNN, you are “Headline News” and Anna Nicole, at this point, is nothing more than an entertainment section also-ran. This is not to mention the total lack of “Headlines” from 7:00 PM EST to 2:00 AM EST.

If I had any way to remove you from my satellite package, I would, but alas I will just have to be content with not tuning in to your channel any more when I used to leave my TV on your channel about 12 hours a day.

Thank you for your time,
Sean P. Aune

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