February 17 2007

Mailing Lists

A while back I wrote an entry about not being able to unsubscribe from the Major League Baseball mailing lists. I’m still getting them, but I just try to ignore them now. I do have another interesting email I get each week now…”A Foreign Affair weekly matches”.

I have NO clue how I got on this mailing list, none. Each week I am treated to a list of women from such places as the Ukraine, Colombia, and the Philippines. Then they offer a “romantic trip” to one of their locations to meet said women…yeah, it’s all pretty sleazy. And just like the MLB mailing lists, I can not get rid of these stupid emails! I mean, silly me, I’m not interested in 19 year old Ukrainian women. I know, I know, you’re all shocked. But I mean, really, there are so many available women in the U.S.A. who are quite the catch…

Bald Brittney Spears

hmmm Maybe the Ukraine isn’t so bad…

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