February 22 2007

People are strange…

In all this Anna Nicole Smith hoopla (yes, I am no longer watching the TV news, this was all over the net today), one person has stood out weirder than the rest…Judge Larry Seidlin. A former cab driver from the Bronx, this guys behavior has been rather suspect to me from the get go. It constantly nagged at me that he may be playing to the camera, and when you’re in his position, I just don’t feel that is proper.

Flash forward to today when he hands down his judgment on what is to be done with Ms. Smith’s remains and he starts sobbing as he discusses the case. Really? Sobbing?

I understand judges are only human beings, but don’t you think if you were involved in a high profile case, being watched by people all over the world that perhaps you would want to handle yourself with a bit more dignity and composure?

Again, I understand he’s only human, but I still think it was pretty disgraceful behavior.

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