February 23 2007

lame post

this is one of those…”I had no time to post, but didn’t want to ruin my run!” posts…enjoy!

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  • Hey man, I feel with ya.

  • I think people should do whatever makes them happy in their blogs but I think a posting streak is an empty achievement if you just post any old thing for the sake of saying you’ve done it every day for x number of days in a row.

    Besides, if I ever feel I’m making content to meet an arbitrary goal, I just won’t post.

  • Roy

    Yeah, and back posting or creating a weeks worth of blog posts in advance doesn’t count as “blogging everyday” IMO.

  • Roy

    BTW, looking at your calendar, it looks like you missed Feb. 2nd.

  • Roy – I only backdate by an hour or two at most due to the hours I sleep. So long as I post before I go to bed, it counts. So yeah, I did February 2nd, just didn’t change the date. Now I did backdate Sunday’s quite a bit, BUT that was because Dreamhost wouldn’t even let me in to my damned site grrrrrrr

    And where in the world did you get the idea I sit down and write a weeks worth at once?!? I wish! I’m lucky enough to come up with one a day! *laugh* In short, no, I don’t do that :-p

  • Roy

    Oh sorry, my comment was just a statement about “blogging everyday” and not aimed at you in particular.

  • No problem Roy, just confused me:)….not a difficult task, I know…