February 27 2007

He just needs Moe & Curly now

Remember how I said I felt was Judge Larry Seidlin playing to the camera? He was.

According to this story, CBS has contacted him about doing a regular spot on The Early Show. This man shouldn’t be getting job offers, he should be brought before a board of judicial review! He made a mockery of the judicial system. I would even go so far to say that his past judgements should be reviewed.

And don’t even get me start on CBS’ role in this. This is their “news division” hiring this demagogue of a judge. Sure they are allowed to have a legal segment, but this buffoon? He should not be allowed anywhere near a serious news source. This whole thing leaves a horrible taste in my mouth.

The erosion of this country’s once shining example of journalism sickens me, this judge sickens me, and the non-stop circus sickens me.

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