General Rants

February 16 2007

Flippin’ Snow

I’m too cold and too tired of fighting with snow to blog anything super coherent tonight. I’m the only one home for a week as my parents and employees are in Orlando, FL working a convention, so it’s just me, the 3 dogs and my 85 year old grandmother, who lives in her own house… read more

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As of the morning of February 16th, 2007, I have officially given up on watching “Headline News”, mainly because it is anything BUT headlines. At 10:00 AM EST, you started showing the Anna Nicole Smith hearings regarding her remains live from the hearing room….for 10 minutes. You may have gone on longer, but I wouldn’t… read more

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Usually after I watch All My Children on the east coast ABC channel I get, I flip over to the Los Anegeles ABC to watch the mid-day news report.  With my hatred for the big news stations for the past few days over the Anna Nicole Smith stuff, I figured a local news broadcast might… read more

General Rants

February 13 2007

*gets a shotgun*

Oh My God I am going to shotgun my lovely new HD TV if I have to hear any more about Anna Nicole Smith or her baby! Basically you now have a multi-million dollar football being tossed around without anyone really caring about the human lives involved. No one has tried to claim Ms. Smiths… read more

Two hours of 24 tonight and STILL no Satchel of Doom!  Are they trying to torture us now?  They know we want it, but yet, they don’t give it to us.  GIVE US THE SOD!  Jack Bauer needs the SOD like Superman needs his cape!… read more

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The other day I talked about the Snickers ad and how I thought it was being blown out of porportion. Well, one of my regular readers (I think I’m up to 3!) pointed out what the hoopla was a little bit more about accurately. I asked if I could just copy her comment: I only… read more


February 10 2007

5 questions x 2

brinshannara asked me the following five questions. If you’d like me to come up with five questions for you, post a comment. 1) What is UP with the Sonic picture that follows you to like, every community you’re in? ;) (for those who don’t know it, it’s this ) Ikebukuro, Tokyo Japan, August 2001 –… read more

To anyone who liked Anna Nicole Smith, this rant is not about HER as a person. Yes, Anna Nicole had a tragic life, I won’t argue that, what I will argue is the media should be ashamed of itself. In no way did she deserve the amount of coverage she received since her death yesterday.… read more

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General Rants

February 8 2007

Oh dear

You know, I wasn’t surprised when I heard the Snickers Superbowl ad about two men accidentally kissing was called homophobic. I didn’t think it was, I thought it mocked homophobia, but oh well. Then I heard people whining about Prince’s half-time show, again, overblown. Then came the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention complaining about GM‘s… read more

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Skype released the newest version of their software, and there’s a couple of nifty new features. Some of them I haven’t gotten to play with yet like Call Forwarding and Live Chats, but one I’m loving is the new extension for Firefox. It installs in to Firefox, and it turns ANY phone number on a… read more

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Alas, hour 6 of Day 6 has come to a close…Jack killed a guy…he did a little torturing…life is good…but where is his best friend? His trusty sidekick? The one partner to never let him down, betray him, or be proven to be a mole inside of CTU…where is the Satchel Of Doom? 25% of… read more



February 5 2007


Luis over at BlogD has a mind numbingly shocking story of a teacher facing 40 years in prison due to an adware attack on a computer she used in class. I would give my own spin on it, but it would be pointless when he did such a beautiful job of it. It is shocking,… read more

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