February 4 2007

Odd Advertising

I’m watching Manchester United vs. Tottenham Hotspurs and I noticed something that struck me as just randomly odd. Due to the lack of commercials in a half, whomever shows the game has to get creative, in this case, Fox Soccer Channel. There are no time outs in soccer, no natural breaks in a half, the… read more

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February 3 2007

So, global warming…

You know, the other day a report came out saying that global warming is getting worse… why is it currently -4F (-20C)? With windchill, it’s -14F (-26C). This is the coldest it’s been in years! I have pipes freezing on the top floor of my house! Sure, I know in general temps are going up,… read more

Yep…the oddness that is continues! Spotted in this weeks Soap Opera Digest: BAM Campaign AMCers have also sent e-mails to the execs expressing their desire to see Bianca and Maggie together again — for good! “‘BAM’ fans continue to do battle for their couple by recruiting new ‘BAM’ fans around the world,” they write.… read more

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It would seem the entire city of Boston needs to calm down. Because, if you listen to them, this is the face of evil… The above pictured device was part of an ill-conceived guerrilla marketing campaign for the Adult Swim show Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The plan was that hired flunkies in 10 cities would… read more