Though not a whole lot of feedback came in on my vacations post, those of you who did post thoughts will be happy to know that, barring any major shift in plans… I’m taking one in October! *waits for gasping to end* A real, non-working, go visit someone for five days, vacation. We shall hang… read more

Click either image for a super-sized version. I know you will all be shocked to learn I don’t thrill to either of these.… read more

Quite a ways back, I talked about my 2006 diet, well, now it’s 2007, I’m back on track. Here is the modified schedule: 8:00 AM Wake up and have either a smoothie or 2 packages of oatmeal. 11:30 AM Have a 90 calorie breakfast bar like Kellogg’s Vanilla Special K Bars. 3:00 PM Either another… read more

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Click any of the following images for a full version. U.S. Cover – FrontU.S. Cover – Front & BackU.K. Cover – Front (click for HUGE full) The U.K. cover seems to tell us a lot more about what’s happening in this one. That sure looks like the Room of Requirement as we saw it in… read more

On the left… me with 5 weeks of beard growth. On the right, me cleanly shaved. I did this the same day the dogs were groomed… it was a theme. So… which do you prefer?… read more


March 26 2007

Groomed Puppies

All the guys went for grooming today! TeddyWinston… and you can see his face!Patrick… he didn’t want to sit still much. You can see all the pictures from today in my gallery… read more


March 25 2007


I finally got around to hitting the theater yesterday to see the new film 300… Sweet googily moogily what a mess. Yes, I am fully aware it is based on a graphic novel, but honestly, I am tired of of comparing adaptations to their source material. Doesn’t the final product deserve to stand on it’s… read more

I love Escape From New York. It’s one of those quintessential 1980’s movies that’s so campy and fun, you can’t help but I like it. Of course that means Hollywood wants to remake it and ruin it. The bastards. I wasn’t aware a remake was in the works, but according to this story on Dark… read more

This is floating all over the net, like here, but it doesn’t matter, it’s not for sale as it was an art project, but I want this… like… SO bad… Truly… could there be a cooler knife block? I WANT THIS!… read more



March 22 2007


I think it’s pretty obvious I’m a dog guy, but for some reason, these cat pictures just kill me! Here are a few examples of various ones I have found. Be warned, some crude human jokes include. WHY CAN I NOT STOP LAUGHING?!?… read more


March 21 2007


My day was quiet, spent most of it hunting pictures down for some new products we got in, but otherwise… I have nothing to whine about? Man… this is sorta… depressing?… read more

Back in October, when I saw Flogging Molly, I mentioned the comedy troupe that entertained us between sets, The Whitest Kids U’Know. Some really downright funny sketches, very Monty Python/Kids In The Hall type stuff… loved it. Anyway, their show finally starts tonight on Fuse, 11 PM EST/10 PM CST, two episodes airing back-to-back. I… read more

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