March 8 2007

mmm techie fun

I was having all sorts of problems with my web host, DreamHost and so ended up discovering it was a server load problem. DreamHost was very prompt to recommend moving me to another server, but that means 2 – 48 hours of up and down service.

Oh this is SO much fun! No clue when my sites will be working properly.

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Science & Technology

  • Did they give you the normal BS about “you should switch to a more expensive hosting plan?” They seem congenitally unable to deal with server load problems without pushing that on you. It’s especially annoying since the load problems are usually due to them overselling space on a server (usually with your account demanding so little of the server’s storage and CPU cycles), and/or them not policing accounts that run huge numbers of scripts and hog the server time.

    But 2-48 hours of possible downtime? I presume that’s because the DNS on the new server won’t necessarily resolve everywhere immediately and inj the meantime you still have the server load issues on the original server… but if it’s not, then it’s a crock.

  • Actually, DreamHost was, well, a dream about it. Didn’t try to sell me anything. They emailed me back said “Your server looks to be loading too heavily, would you like us to move you to a different server, it will cause 2 – 48 hours of downtime while the new DNS propagates.” I said sure, they did it, was far less than 2 – 48 hours and I am seeing notably faster loading times on all my sites.

    Both my accounts were on the same servers, they moved both accounts to totally different servers. The work account is already their highest end account below a dedicated server, but this one (which also handles and a few others) is their lowest end.

    They actually impressed me with how fast, and painlessly, they handled it.