March 14 2007

Buffy Season 8, Issue 1

I loved Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, and think Joss Whedon walks on water…this review will be slightly slanted.

Anyway, for those who haven’t heard about this, Joss is doing “season 8” of the TV series as a comic books. I just read it, and… spoilers follow!

Characters Seen:
*someone who appears on the last page as a surprise, old character, but not a Scooby*

Characters Mentioned, But Not Seen:

Overall I liked it. Was mostly set up, but Joss did it quickly and daftly.

– Established the Slayers and how they’re organized, hints they have money, or really, really good hackers. 1800 Slayers total, 500 work with Buffy, broken in to 10 Squads. 2 Buffy impersonators to protect her, one of them is in Rome dating The Immortal.

– Dawn has gone to Berkley, appears to have had bad first time sex, as is common in the Summer’s girls

– Andrew is still in Rome

– No one is sure where Willow is

– Xander works directly with Buffy in Scotland

– Giles is mentioned, but not sure where he is

It flowed well, Joss’ trademark snarkiness is evident, and you can “hear” the characters delivering all these lines nicely.

I look forward to more.

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