March 16 2007

The “New” Sean

As some of you know, I used to go to work seven days a week, about a year ago I tried cutting back to five days like the rest of the world. Well, I’ve started going in on the occasional Saturday or Sunday if we’ve had a particularly heavy weekend of mail order, but for the most part, I am sticking to it. While this may not sound like a big accomplishment to most people, for me it is as I had turned in to a workaholic. I had been doing this for about ten years, so while I’m not convinced I have fully broken myself of it yet, I’m hoping I’m on the way.

Now comes the thing everyone seems to yell at me about… I have not had an actual vacation since Labor Day weekend 1996. Yes… ten years, going on eleven. Yes I have gone to Japan three times during that time, but all of those have been working trips. Now, see, this is my problems with vacations as a concept:

– Spend money for no return

– Go some place and do things to the point of tiring yourself worse than when you left

– Go some place and… sit.

Is there something I’m missing in this concept? None of those three things appeal to me. I could spend money on a new computer… I can sleep at home an enjoy it more… I can sit at home in comfort… WHY do I need to *go* some place to do those things? I truly don’t get it and this is an actual request feedback. Someone please explain it to me!

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