March 17 2007

Saturday Night Live

I think I finally have put my finger on what I find wrong with the Saturday Night Live sketches of the past couple seasons… they’re too flippin’ long! And then if they are even mildly well accepted, we get them on a recurring status.

Recurring used to be reserved for only the best known sketches, now it seems to be anything they get half an idea for gets another visit. For instance, tonight we got yet another “MTV 4 – Deep House Dish” sketch… please let this die. It was funny once, but this is easily the fifth, if not more, times it’s popped up. It’s not worth it! It’s a one joke sketch, we’ve heard it, move on!

As for the being too long… I think that’s pretty self-explanatory. We get to the natural conclusion of the joke and… it keeps going… then goes even further. STOP IT! Learn when you’ve gotten your joke across, stop there, move on.

Yes, I realize I am being an armchair quarterback, and I don’t care. I’ve watched this show since episode 1, I’ve put in my time, and they need to go back to basics, and soon.

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