March 18 2007

Angelina Jolie

You know, I’m glad Angelina Jolie is using her money to take care of children, but before running off to another foreign country, has she contemplated a child in the USA? More power to her taking care of the needy children of the world, but there’s needy kids here in our own country too.

I’m looking at you too Madonna!

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General Rants

  • I think there are several reasons she’s not adopting kids in the U.S. One of the biggest ones is probably the U.S. legal system and the way in which birth parents can manuever their way into their adopted kids’ lives if they want. If a celebrity adopts an American kid, you can bet the birth parents are going to make as much hay out of it as they possibly can.

    I’m guessing the other reaons would include that she has an interest in a family with varied ethnicities in it or that she wants to create awareness of the problems in the countries the children she’s adopting from are born in.

  • Roy

    The thing about charity is that it’s easier to feel good about spreading goodwill in another faraway country where the causes of those problems cannot be immediately attributed to something you did. In other words, it’s easier to take care of someone else’s problems than your own.