March 24 2007

Hollywood annoys me again

I love Escape From New York. It’s one of those quintessential 1980’s movies that’s so campy and fun, you can’t help but I like it.

Of course that means Hollywood wants to remake it and ruin it. The bastards.

I wasn’t aware a remake was in the works, but according to this story on Dark Horizons, it is. And, even Kurt Russel, star of the original, is unhappy with the casting of the new Snake Plissken as they went with Gerard Butler, who just played King Leonidas in 300 (review of that tomorrow btw).

He is NOT the Snake Plisskin type… at all. I just don’t get this total lack of originality in Hollywood as of late, and then add in, what they do remake, they feel the need to change… then why do it? What’s the point? Just do something similar so you don’t piss people off!

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