March 29 2007

Sean’s back on his diet… and changes to it

Quite a ways back, I talked about my 2006 diet, well, now it’s 2007, I’m back on track. Here is the modified schedule:

8:00 AM Wake up and have either a smoothie or 2 packages of oatmeal.

11:30 AM Have a 90 calorie breakfast bar like Kellogg’s Vanilla Special K Bars.

3:00 PM Either another bar, or oatmeal if I didn’t have it for breakfast.

6:30 PM Exercise. One day is torso and arms, the next day is legs. Alternate, do it 7 days a week.

7:30 PM Have dinner

10:30 PM Have a smoothie

11:30 PM Have a cup of green tea. Good for you and helps your metabolism.

Anyone have thoughts or suggestions? All told, I lost about 50 lbs last year. I’d like to lose at least another 25 or so before the 2007 holidays.

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February 9 2007

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