March 29 2007

Sean’s back on his diet… and changes to it

Quite a ways back, I talked about my 2006 diet, well, now it’s 2007, I’m back on track. Here is the modified schedule:

8:00 AM Wake up and have either a smoothie or 2 packages of oatmeal.

11:30 AM Have a 90 calorie breakfast bar like Kellogg’s Vanilla Special K Bars.

3:00 PM Either another bar, or oatmeal if I didn’t have it for breakfast.

6:30 PM Exercise. One day is torso and arms, the next day is legs. Alternate, do it 7 days a week.

7:30 PM Have dinner

10:30 PM Have a smoothie

11:30 PM Have a cup of green tea. Good for you and helps your metabolism.

Anyone have thoughts or suggestions? All told, I lost about 50 lbs last year. I’d like to lose at least another 25 or so before the 2007 holidays.

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February 9 2007

Ok…I’ve had it

  • You’ll certainly lose weight on this but it’s going to be hard. Reduced calories and exercise are a sure winner but you’ll probably feel tired and hungry in the mid-day.

    I’d strongly recommend a lunch of lean protein and fresh fruit and vegetables rather than the two bars or oatmeal in midday. There are metabolic benefits to having protein over carbohydrates, particularly when you’re talking about a manufactured bar. You will feel more energetic and sated longer if you consume protein.

    In making your food choices, I strongly recommend you read The Schwarzbein Principle. It’s not a diet book but more of a general nutrition guide which discusses how metabolism, endocrinology, etc. are affected by the food you eat. It also explains the affect of refined carbohydrates on insulin and how protein, fat, and vegetables will reduce insulin spikes (insulin is related to fat storage).

    It’s written in a fashion that a layman can understand but very informative nonetheless.

    Keep in mind that the next 25 lbs. will come off slower than the first 50. As you move closer to your ideal weight, it always slows down. Good luck!

  • hmmm with the warmer months approaching, I could go back to moving the morning smoothie to mid-day. (I have to go home to make it, which is no big deal, just not something I relished in 6″ of snow!) And my smoothie’s are all fruit with a scoop of protein powder, so that would certainly fall into what you recommended. I think I’ll do that, move oatmeal back to breakfast and move breakfast smoothie to lunch. That should work.

    I’ll look into the Schwazbein Principle, thanks:)

    Yeah, I have NO mis-conceptions about how fast the next amount of weight will come off. If I make it, I make it. I am not going to make stupid, risky moves just to do it. And with exercising again, I know some of my weight will stick around as my body turns more to muscle mass.