March 31 2007

So… an actual vacation.

Though not a whole lot of feedback came in on my vacations post, those of you who did post thoughts will be happy to know that, barring any major shift in plans… I’m taking one in October! *waits for gasping to end*

A real, non-working, go visit someone for five days, vacation. We shall hang out… consume alcohol… eat far too much food… and there have been threats of making me wear a turban… hmmmm.

But, yes, barring any major catastrophes, I will actually be taking off for a few days hanging out with a friend. You may all commence with the gasping.

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  • I agreed with you about how going somewhere and getting tired seems like a bad idea for a vacation and I didn’t want to recommend my favorite way to relax – sit around doing nothing but watch T.V. and enjoy the luxury of having nothing on your schedule.

    Road trips with friends are always a fun thing to do though – drive around peacefully on an open road, eat at bad places once in awhile, and visit some cheesy vacation spot that you can make fun of.

    The best vacations are spent just hanging out with friends.

  • Exactly Shari. I’m also one for not inviting myself somewhere though, so it’s always a bit awkward to say “Hey… mind if I come sleep on your couch for a couple days?”, but it got worked out with a minimum of embarrassment. *laugh*

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