April 1 2007

Packet 8 Can Bite Me

Back in December I talked about switching to Packet 8 for VoIP service. At the time we signed up, they told us, both online and on the phone, that we could port our current phone numbers to their service. That was on December 28th, it appears on December 29th they put a flag on our account telling us they could not do it.

Well, they had told us it might take 2 – 3 months to complete. so we thought nothing of the delay, and we had no reason to log into our billing account as it was just coming off our credit cards. Course, we finally log in to see what’s going on and we are greeted by the message we can’t have our phone numbers, the whole reason we went with them. Well… no phone numbers, we no want, so adios Packet 8.

I can’t help but feel a bit screwed over and lied to by them. How could their website AND their phone service people both say they could do it, and then 1 day later it says they can’t? No, that doesn’t look suspicious at all.

So, back on the VoIP hunt I go…

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May 24 2007