April 5 2007

You can’t spell “Brainiac” without R-I-A-A

This story is just laugh out loud funny. Trent Reznor, founder of the band Nine Inch Nails, decided to leak MP3s of his new album, Year Zero, via hidden USB drives in the bathrooms of his concerts. What a way to build buzz! It’s like a treasure hunt for fans, and builds good will all around.

Until the RIAA decides to buzzkill it.

Some ass over there got wind of this and sent out cease and desist letters to the websites hosting the songs. Here’s the problem though, the band AND their record label, Nothing/Interscope, signed off on this promotion. This was a fully approved, legal “leak” of songs, the RIAA had no right to step in. Course, since when did the RIAA let something silly like “what’s right” get in their way?

Apparently, every record company now has to run their pr plans by the RIAA before starting it to make sure they don’t go nuts on them again.

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