April 10 2007

This will probably doom me

Yes… my grammar sucks. Read any blog entry, you’ll notice.

My sentence structure is abysmal.

However, I have had a dream since I was four years old… to write a novel. I started this week writing the character breakdowns… I have the plot in my head… I’m worried about length, I may need to scale down the overall story. I have no clue how to successful sell a novel, but it’s something I have to do for my own sanity. If I don’t just sit down and do it at some point, I’ll never know if it was even possible.

Sadly I can’t give any hints to what it is about, what the characters are like, nothing, as I have not copyrighted anything, so putting it out for web consumption would be stupid of me. And even talking about it is probably silly, because I am sure a year from now, someone will ask me “How’s that novel going?” and I will cry like a little girl…

Was that too much info?

So… we will see how this goes, and I am crossing my fingers and hope I can actually pull something together worth reading.

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September 14 2007

Work vs Writing