April 11 2007

Random TV Thoughts

It seems I’m not the only one who thought this week’s 24 felt like a season ender, not hour 17. Seriously, just end this season. It’s sub-par, rehashed, and an embarrassment.


In other 24 news, it seems they enjoyed the recent South Park parody so much, they sent the SP guys one of the suitcase nuke props from this season to display in their office. Story here and pictures.


“D-Yikes” was tonights episode of South Park… I literally had a tear run down my face I was laughing so hard. It covered…

– Transgender people
– Lesbians
– Lesbian sex
– Illegal alien day workers
– The movie “300”. (This is Les-Bos!)

I would give anything to sit on a story meeting in their offices.

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  • Roy

    Stop watching “24”

    LOST is a better show. You have 2.5 Seasons to catch up on.

  • My problem with LOST is they admit they are making it up as they go. Mystery shows (X-Files) just do not work when you don’t have them completely plotted out before hand. So, I am nervous about investing my time in it.

  • They have admitted to that? I have heard different reports over time which indicated to me that they have known from the start what is going on on the island, where things are going, and how it is going to end, Kind of like Straczynski and Babylon 5. He had it planned out, but he also changed things as they went, sometimes not seeing how a specific story might wind up, for example.

    Whatever the case, LOST is an excellent show. No guarantee that it’ll stay that way; The X-Files was excellent up to this point as well. But at the very least you can get some good entertainment out of it. Or perhaps you can wait for it to end, and then people can tell you if it came out well. By then, maybe cheap box sets for the whole series will be out…

    But hey, seriously… you go for Survivor, The Apprentice, daytime soaps, Big Brother, and so forth–how disappointing could LOST possibly be, anyway? </snark>

  • Luis – Yeah, I’ve thought about watching it once it’s all over and people can say “Okay… it was worth it.” I’ve been down the mystery show route with JJ before with Alias… it ended poorly. So I do have a track record to show me this may not go well.

    I gave up on The Apprentice… I only watch one daytime soap, not soapS… and I am not above kicking a man in the shins Luis…

    For me, TV, as opposed to films, is pretty mindless fair. A lot of shows I watch, I don’t really “watch”, I listen to them. I honestly “see” about 2 minutes of All My Children a day, the rest I hear as I do my work. Very few shows hold my rapt attention (Deadwood, The Sopranos, The Wire, Rescue Me to name a couple). The problem I see with LOST is it’s almost like too much work. I see huge blog entries dedicated to the most minute details, it would drive me nuts!

  • FWIW, Sean, I do the same thing you do. That is, I let what would be considered very dodgey T.V. shows run on the squawk-box while I do other things (like blogging or reading blogs). I’m sure that I watch things that are far “worse” than you do if what I do can be considered watching.

    This being Japan and my options for English language programming being limited, I sometimes scrape the bottom of the barrel pretty hard. ;-)

  • Roy

    There are some LOST episodes in season 3 where they link back to incidents in Season 1 in such a brilliant way that it makes it extremely difficult to believe that they are making it up as they go. I read that they already know how it’s going to end and there IS and ending so it won’t peter out like the X-Files. I think it might continue for a 2 more seasons and then end.

    FWIW, I’m finding this show more and more interesting as it goes on. And this week’s episode was great!!

    You’re missing out on some good TV…

  • Shari – Oh come on, I found last time I was there, Charmed actually plays better in Japanese when you have NO clue what’s going on…

    Roy – Answer me this one thing, DO major questions get answered with a certainty, or do you end up going “Well… that MIGHT be the answer…”

  • Heh, here is where your situation was “better” than mine. I get Charmed in English. ;-)

  • Roy

    The show is full of stuff happening and some things have been answered and many are still left a mystery.

    However, unlike XFiles or other “mystery” shows the motivation to continute watching LOST is not so much in wanting to know answers but enjoying the characters and how everything unfolds slowly. There are enough loose ends to stimulate people with imagination to ponder the story and encourage lots of fun discussion. If you have no imagination and just want someone to tell you what’s happening then you will not like this show.

    If you’ve ever played MYST or RIVEN then I would say that LOST is somewhat like that. Nothing is flat out explained but you start to get an idea of what’s going on.

    Having said that, in Season 3 they are linking back to lots of the things that happened in Season 1 and you get to see the other side of different episodes which leads me to believe that the writers will eventually reveal the story line in detail.