April 12 2007

Gee, I’m so… not shocked.

I really have nothing to share on the actual Don Imus controversy, but, what I do have to share is yet more head shaking at journalism. There are some mini polls on America Online today:

Poll 1

Gee… not what the media is relaying is it? The part tthat kills me though is:

Poll 2

At the time of this writing, 75% of the respondents find the coverage to be excessive. You mean… like Anna Nicole Smith coverage was excessive?

For this wondering about the notes on the polls:

NOTE: Poll results are not scientific and reflect the opinions of only those users who chose to participate. Poll results are not reflected in real time.

Fine, I don’t care if it’s not scientific, I don’t care that’s not real time, 75% is an awfully large number to overcome. The media HAS to begin doing a better job of reigning in their enthusiasm for “easy” stories. All they continually do is annoy their public by beating a story like a dead horse. There was no way this story deserved THIS much coverage. Yes, it needed coverage, but nowhere near the amount it got. Journalists and news organizations need to learn the term “moderation”

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