April 13 2007

What is up with eBay?

This is my Feedback score on eBay:


I have been on eBay since January 19,1998. I have gotten a grand total of 7 negatives, 6 were from idiots who couldn’t follow directions, 1 was justly deserved as I forgot to pay someone. Why is it there seems to be a sudden stream of people sure I am out to rip them off?

Since the first of the year I have had multiple disputes filed against me on both eBay and Pay Pal, something that had never happened before. Almost all of them could be settled quickly if not for the following problems:

Spam filters – I understand we all hate spam, but if you have your filters set so high I can’t get an answer to you about your shipping costs to the UK, how am I at fault? I responded to a guy four times with his shipping costs, he claims to have not gotten one of them and became very belligerent with me. We finally got it worked out, but yeesh.

Tracking – I’ve been getting a lot of “You didn’t ship this!” Funny… I have a tracking number and it shows as delivered.

Phone calls – Every email we send out has our phone number. As does every invoice… it’s in every auction… and it’s listed in our “About Me” page. Not getting an email reply? Pick up the freakin’ phone! Or, lower your spam filters!

The mail service – In this day and age, why do people still insist on sending money orders? There are numerous ways to pay me without ever exposing your credit card/debit card number to me, use them. Do not blame me when the postal service takes forever to deliver your money order, if ever.

Feedback – Everyone whines about leaving them feedback, fine, we do. And, obviously, people leave it for us, so, how about you actually look at it before you yell at us? I am getting really tired of people who think I’ve turned to a life of crime over their item that ended for $2.50. Yes, that’s right, I took your $8.25 (including shipping) and absconded on a tropical holiday. I am such a bastard.

Damaged package – If an item arrives damaged, how about contacting us and seeing if we’ll work with you to remedy the situation before leaving me a neutral? As stated in our auctions, every item ships from here with insurance automatically.

I really wonder why I roll out of bed some days.

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