April 14 2007

Random Movie News

Shia LaBeouf appears to be Steven Speilberg’s new favorite person. Spielberg is producing Transformers, with Shia. Now comes the news Indiana Jones 4 will also feature Shia as… wait for it… Indiana’s son.

I may cry now.

As just about anyone can tell you, adding a son/daughter to a franchise is never a good idea. And honestly, didn’t Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade wrap up the series well enough?

Speaking of my new favorite movie, Transformers, there’s a new pirated TV ad circulating on the net. I would link you, but it’s moving around fairly quickly. Optimus Prime speaks in it… he has lips. LIPS! So I’m guessing the pics we’ve seen with the face guard must be battle shots or something, and the shield pops in… to protect his robot lips.

He has lips.


The Speed Racer movie is actually shaping up with some fairly interesting casting. The Wachowski Brothers have a mixed track record of hits and misses, but this one is kind of hard to screw up. Cars… driving… special tricks. Pretty simple.

So the interesting casting? Christina Ricci as Trixie… that SO rocks. Here’s the cast so far:

Emile Hirsch as Speed
Christina Ricci as Trixie
John Goodman as Pops

Sarandon is the only one I’m not thrilled with, she’s a little old for Mom, but I’ll live.

Now if they would just show the car!

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  • Roy

    Well, obviously the lips for Optimus Prime are necessary because of the obligatory kissing scene.

  • Roy… I hatechoo.

  • Adding a son to the Indy series would be bad if it were an underage kid. This actor is, I believe, 21. The Last Crusade added a father, I don’t see why a son should necessarily be so much worse, so long as the writing is good. And as for wrapping up the series, I think that Lucas & Spielberg waited so long because they didn’t have anything good–meaning that they were willing not to go through with the project unless it had quality, so they were discriminating–not just jumping at a sequel so it could make more money. They screwed up royally on “Temple of Doom,” but the other two were very good–maybe we can trust them to get out a third good one.

  • Luis –

    Last Crusade felt like a natural stopping point, now we have another story that could easily be another Temple Of Doom. I just personally don’t feel it’s worth the risk.