April 20 2007

Too Funny

According to this news story, Dell is again offering computers pre-installed with Windows XP as opposed to Windows Vista. (You can locate the desktops with it here)

It seems this was the number one request on their consumer feedback website. Microsoft of course is trying to play it off, but isn’t it fascinating people DON’T want to deal with Vista? One of my employees has been putting off a purchase due to the fact he wanted nothing to do with the bloated software. I called him the second I read this, he’s thrilled. (Before anyone says it, yes, I talked to him about Macs)

So, you have a new OS that is spitting out existing software, peripherals that won’t work, and is a resource hog. And Microsoft is surprised by this?

In response Microsoft said that Dell was responding to a “small minority” of customers who had a very “specific” request.

Uh-huh… right.

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