April 21 2007

More on the Tom Cruise Detox Program

Thanks to an eagle eyed commenter on my LiveJournal entry for the Tom Cruise story, something was pointed out to me I had not caught on The New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project. I had not found the photo gallery of the positive aspects of the program, but the most amazing one has to be this one. The caption reads:

Patients at the detoxification facility have stained towels blue, purple, yellow, orange, green and black. Black sludge, glass shards, and other matter have been observed to be coming out of the pores of program participants.

Glass shards? Out of pores? Black sludge? From exercise, vitamins and dry saunas… I mean, let’s ignore the fact that this should be impossible to begin with, but, it just sickens me Scientology is taking advantage of these people who are so desperate for help.

As the anonymous person who pointed this out to me said, if Scientology could prove this, I would eat my hat.

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  • Nik

    (I know this is waaaaaaaay late, but I couldn’t help respond.)

    First off… where are my independent studies!? All of this is only done by scientologists. And without verification by peers, this is not any sort of reliable science. (Fuckers! Scientology implies SCIENCE. I hate them, you know.)

    Secondly, I actually beleive that whatever the hell they are giving these people to ingest as “vitamins” contains some sort of water soluable artificial dye. Eccrine (it’s a kind of sweat gland) chromhidrosis is a real medical issue and although rare, it occurs because of ingestion of dyes or drugs, or even occupational exposure to copper. So, colored sweat isn’t entirely out of the realm of possibility. (Niether are bowel movements that are blue or green for that matter – ever drink kool-aid or eat cotton candy or a lot of asparagus?)

    Combined with the niacin they’re taking, which is actually a liver toxin in high doses, and the fact that they are MAKING them sweat through exercise and the 5 hour saunas… duh. I imagine you can force colored sweat with the right cocktail.

    Niacin also causes skin burns which are used to con their victims into believing that the reddening of their skin is radiation, drugs, and toxins being purged from their system.

    Toxins. Toxins being purged. Oh, you mean like, niacin?? That toxin? The one that you’re giving them? Right-o.

    As for the glass shards, I’m sure that’s more bullshit. Ever sweat so much and become dehydrated enough that you form salt crystals on your skin? That’s my best idea so far… No one’s said how large these glass shards are. Although, I would expect that first responders whould have sweat some in their lifetime and put two and two together on that one.

    It’s all bullshit. How can people be so blind? I mean, I know that they’re hoping for a cure to their ailments, but this is just ridiculous. They could seriously be hurting many of our country’s heroes!

    Have you heard the latest scientology news? They’re fundraising to get The Way to Happiness book distributed to Virginia Tech people. They’re also calling for the shooter’s psychiatric drug history because just as in Columbine (Eric Harris was on Luvox, an antidepressant), they’re certain he was on medication for something mental health related which caused the whole event in the first place. Because mood altering drugs are the devil and they are on a crusade (Cruise-aid?) to kill all the psychologists/psychiatrists.

    When are one of these kooks hopped up on perscription meds going to take out Tom and Ron for us?

  • Steve Mona

    Well there you have it folks, a “rational” person advocating someone kill other human beings which is reprehensible whether or not you agree with them. By the way, last I checked Hubbard passed away in 1986. That should save your kook some bullets I guess.

  • suppresive person

    hey mona, i dont see anything inciting violence against anyone other than them pointing out scientologies fierce hatred towards mental health professionals (i know it boils your ill informed sci-fi-tologist blood for me to call them that)