April 22 2007

Another person who annoys me

I am coming to the conclusion that I am not a “people person”. Funny since I work in retail, but it’s true. A great many people in the world annoy me. My latest annoyance?

Billy Mays

Billy Mays.

He’s been on late night TV for what seems like forever now. Shilling whatever new “miracle” cleaning product is out there, but as of late he is really grating on my nerves. Now, he’s no Rachael Ray mind you, but he ranks up there. His loud, aggressive voice… telling you what the “secret” is… giving that stupid thumbs up he does. Billy, newsflash, you aren’t my friend, shut up and go away.

Honestly, I am finding that most TV personalities annoy me. I really could care less what “Oprah’s Favorite Things” are. My dislike of Oprah really came to a head last week when I saw an ad for her show (no, I don’t watch it, the ad’s alone annoy me) where she was going to go meet her neighbors. The most irritating moment came when she is standing in some woman’s kitchen and said something to the effect of “You throw parties a lot and entertain, but you’ve never invited me?!”… wow… can we say “awkward”? You just berated a woman for never inviting you over. Wow. I have had many neighbors in my life I never even met, let alone came over for dinner. It just seemed blatantly rude to me.

What is it about appearing on TV that makes you think you are somehow superior? It seems to make people act in ways that any normal, sane, person never would. Rachael, Oprah, Billy, Dr. Phil, Regis… all annoying. Yet, they all seem to get legions of fans. Am I missing something? Is there some part of me that just doesn’t function correctly and I am incapable of falling into these people’s vortexes of popularity?

Update 06/28/09: Billy Mays has died.

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