April 24 2007

The AFA Vs. Burger King

I haven’t written about the American Family Association in… why… four months. I must be slipping. The loon birds saver of our souls are back, this time after Burger King for showing “adult nudity” in a television ad. (YouTube link here… you see nothing) Article here on the whole hoopla.

This quote from the article really sums it up:

Bob Garfield of Advertising Age writes: “It’s not as though this is somehow erotic. It’s not as though there is any prurient appeal intended or achieved. It’s Dad being goofy, period.”

The thing is, the AFA has to feed their little group of lemming followers SOMETHING to get worked up over every so often so they will continue to send in donations and help support the battle on immorality on television. As I have said endlessly, if you don’t like it, turn the channel. I’ve seen the ad, it’s innocent and awkward… just what it was intended to be. So now they are crusading against an embarrassing dad taking a bubble bath. An ad running during adult demographic times.

These people REALLY need lives.

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