April 25 2007

Passions To Continue On DirecTV

I don’t even watch the soap opera Passions, but this news is amazing to me.

Passions was recently canceled by NBC, everyone thought it was a done deal, and that was it. Now it seems NBC has reached a deal with DirecTV to continue the quirky little soap. Yes, you read that correctly, DirecTV, the satellite company. They will air the show four days a week and the budget will be cut, but the show will continue.

It just proves that standard television is in grave danger if they don’t mind their P’s and Q’s. This, in my mind, is similar to the beginnings of premium cable. Who ever thought HBO would be such a gold mine of high quality television? Could carrier-specific programming be next? Or will it be more shows going to the web?

The times are a changing for televised content, where it will all end up, or how it will even be shown, is anyone’s guess at this point.

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  • chele

    I wonder with it being on Direct TV and depending on the time slot what this will mean to the standard and practice issue we soap fans are all to familar with.

    Will it mean a return to the ability for this soap to be as saucy as the shows in the early 90’s ?

    Too bad it’s a show with weak writing and even weaker acting

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