April 26 2007

I really shouldn’t bother with Fox anymore

I’ve had it with Fox. Why should I invest any time in a new series with them when all they do is cancel them? Drive is the latest victim of their antics. No, I did not expect great things of it, but I like the main actor, Nathan Fillion, who also starred in the doomed Firefly… also on Fox.

Seriously though, how many times has Fox gotten me interested in a show, shown a couple episodes, killed it off? Firefly… Reunion… Vanished… Drive… The Lone Gunmen… I know there’s more. And it’s not just recently either! Anyone remember The Tick or Profit?

This network has just screwed me too many times to care anymore. I will stick with the shows I currently watch with them (24 and Bones, I won’t count shows like Cops), but aside from them, I’m done with them. I’ve been screwed just too many times now. And, oh yeah, they have two episodes of Drive they plan to burn off this summer. Why should I care? Why should I watch? Don’t worry, I won’t be!

And no Roy, this doesn’t mean an automatic pick-up of LOST!

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  • Jo

    What!!!!???? Where did you hear this! OMG … I love this show!

  • Roy

    I bet you’re still watching CNN too..

  • Roy – Nope. I can honestly say I have not turned it on once since I vowed to stop.

  • Jo – It was on TV Guide online. and if you go to the Drive website it says the last two episodes will air in the summer.

  • Jo

    I went and I saw and hubby is pissed now too. As for it being the reason “24”s ratings are down, that is its own doing.

  • Fox gave it no chance. Just as the characters were getting depth… they pull the plug. Fox doesn’t give shows anytime to build a fanbase. It’s really silly on their part.

  • I remember the Tick, btw. I loved that show and bought the DVD of what few episodes were made. Fox is just like the other networks regarding new shows these days. If they don’t get an instant return, they cancel.

    They used to be a bit better about it but the more successful shows they run, the more likely they are to get greedy.

  • chele

    Don’t get me started on this. You forgot to add Wonderfalls to the list of Fox victims of wanting to turn a quick buck (American Idol anyone?)

    I am so frustrated with this network picking up interesting ideas and then not letting them catch on. And with very little publicity outside of the network itself. What did they expect? Thye should have shelved it until the 2007-2008 season and launched the sucker instead of only counting on spill over audience.

    It just sucks! AGAIN!

    Had the X-files been on now a days it wouldn’t have lasted through the first season