April 29 2007

Let Governments Help You Pay More!

Reading Engadget today led me to this article. The British Home Secretary, John Reid, wants to approach Apple and Sony to join a summit to help fight crime in England. It seems a lot of gadgets are getting stolen, so, of course, the solution is to make them more technologically complicated, raising risk of more things going wrong, and raising the cost across the board to all consumers of these products.

All because England is worried about their crime rate.

Thanks England!

Here’s the part of the article that kills me though:

“New technology, lifestyle changes, new commodities and new gadgets mean that the criminals continually move on,” Reid told the BBC’s Sunday AM programme.

“So when we defeat them on mobile phones, they move on to Sat-Navs and then on to iPods.”

Okay, so, you’ll get to work on iPods, and as you just said, you defeat them there, they move on, leaving consumers to continue covering the costs of theft-prevention to help idiots who aren’t careful with their gadgets. Again, seriously Reid, so appreciate it. I’ll remember you fondly when I buy my next iPod.

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