*takes a deep breath* I hate knee-jerk reactions. They never lead to anything but grief, and they never do anything but satisfy the whiner and the whinee. That being said, Six Apart, the owners of LiveJournal, did just that yesterday. They knee-jerked… they knee-jerked HARD. I have been following this story for about a full… read more


Apple has released a new version of iTunes today. iTunes Plus is the DRM free, higher bit rate music from EMI. Other publishers will be joining in sometime in the future. This is a HUGE win for the end user. You can now use the files with the music player program of YOUR choice, the… read more

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Yesterday I made a post about finding the source of a blog story, and how it just kept leading me further and further back. I mentioned the last place I could find the picture/story was a site named Desire To Inspire. Well, due to backtracks, Jo from that site left me a comment detailing the… read more

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May 28 2007


The breeder I got Patrick and Winston from, TLD Cocker Spaniels, has a new litter! They have the same mother as P & W, but a different daddy. You can see pictures of them here. Why am I posting this? So someone will hopefully take this one, and my mother will stop looking at him!… read more

I was on, and at the bottom they have RSS feeds from their sister sites, one of them being While not my normal cup of tea, I saw one that said “Stylish Storage Idea“, seeing as I always need more storage, I looked. They didn’t have much information beyond the picture and saying… read more

Picking up some undetermined amount of time after Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest, At World’s End continues where the second film left off… Jack dead, Davey Jones under the control of the East Indian Trading Company, and all of the other regulars looking for how to bring Jack back from Davey Jones’… read more

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I had to come back to the office very late tonight (it’s currently 1:45 AM) because the main computer was acting up… again. As it was going through it’s checks, I turned on the monitor for the second computer on my desk so I could check the main one remotely. For some reason, this computer’s… read more


May 25 2007

30 Years On

I’ve been watching all the Star Wars movies in order this evening on cable in celebration of the first movie coming out 30 years ago today. This led to a family argument… Yep… when did we see Star Wars (now known as Episode IV:A New Hope) for the first time? Mom and dad swore it… read more

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I had heard about this, but hadn’t researched it until Luis brought it up. It seems my good friends at the RIAA are at it again, trying to find even more ways to suck money out of every corner of the suffering music industry. Over the years, radio has been allowed to skip out of… read more

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So, I talked about how Packet 8 messed us over when we tried switching to them for VoIP. Well, we’re looking around now, not giving up on the idea quite yet, but we have hit a new snag… 911 service. It seems, according to Verizon Voicewing, that no one is able to give us 911… read more

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(some bad language today in quotes) I have been writing about the music industry, and how insanely greedy it is, since this blog started. Now… now it seems people inside the industry are finally speaking out about it also. First up, Trent Reznor, founder of the band Nine Inch Nails. Seems Mr. Reznor decided to… read more


May 22 2007

New Site Feature

No clue if anyone will even use this, but I have added a new static page to the site. As I am always confused about when DVDs I want are coming out, I started a page showing each weeks TV DVD releases. I will be updating it each week, and you can find it in… read more

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