May 3 2007

Buffy Season 8, Issue 3


Characters Seen:
Angel (dream)
Ethan Rayne (dream, but interactive)
Spike (dream)
Warren (last page)

Characters Mentioned:

Buffy is still in her magic-induced dream state, and Ethan Rayne is there talking with her. She comments about throwing up a little in her mouth. He explains that they aren’t in her dream, but rather her “dream space”, a place where all dreams are cooked up, and they are even going on while you’re awake. He shows her one of her dreams… she’s in a nurses costume with garters, a naked Angel on one side, naked Spike on the other, the three of them wrapped in chains. She comments “It’s just… ah, been a slow year”.

Outside her dream space, Willow and Amy are battling in mid-air with their magical powers. Willow is going easy it turns out to analyze Amy’s spells, once done, she turns the kilt wearing zombies nice, theyd rop their weapons and ask ask the slayers to dance. Xander calls in Dawn to literally step on Amy, fight over.

Back in Buffy’s head, Ethan Rayne shows her three red x’s, telling her to remember them and everything else the discussed. Willow figures out it’s a true love spell and someone who loves Buffy must kiss her to wake her up. She tells everyone in the room to close their eyes, and the person in love with her needs to walk up and kiss her. When Buffy awakens, she yells “CINNAMON BUNS!”… Willow and Xander are next to her… no clue who kissed her. Could be Xander, could be Willow… or could be one of the dozen or so Slayer’s in the room.

Giles see’s a demon about the demons killed in the first issue. Not sure who summoned them or why they were out and about. Demon and Giles are both puzzled.

Xander checks in with Andrew… really pointless four panels except to set up a joke that Andrew is playing strip poker with Slayer’s in Italy. Xander then goes and speaks with the Slayer he’s been flirting with, leading one to believe he wasn’t who kissed Buffy.

Willow is running a mystical trace on Amy, trying to figure out where she teleported from, says some of her spells reeked of tech. Buffy asks where Willow has been for the past year.

Willow: Yeah, it’s been a funky time. We’ll get into it.
Buffy: Well, how you been? How’s Kennedy? Are you still –”
Willow: She died.
Buffy: Willow…
Willow: Oh no! She’s fine! Mystical thing. Only lasted a month. We’re just taking it slow for a while. She’s sort of in her own space. But it’s cool. I always tell that wrong.

Xander walks in on Buffy and Willow laughing and hugging, he wants in. Yet more sex talk, or lack thereof for Xander and Buffy, Buffy finally asks who kissed her, Willow interrupts with info on her teleportation trace… it’s a trap. Willow and Amy disappear, Xander calls for mystics to come re-open the portal.

Willow is in a lab, mystically bound to a table, Amy calls her boyfriend over, they only have to bring Buffy in alive, Willow doesn’t matter… a still skinless Warren is pleased to see Willow.

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